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        Getting the figure you want -
safely, sustainably, and systematically
Efficient performance improvement
like in professional sport
Safe training
for all ages

The advantages in brief

Lose weight safely and systematically

In just a few minutes, vitascale™ provides precise data on your personal metabolism in a way previously possible only in the high-performance sports medicine field.

Train safely - despite health limitations

vitascale™ takes health conditions and age-specific limitations into account in order to help you to reach your target safely and sustainably.

Surpass your previous performances

Improve the efficiency of your training with an individual performance analysis and the real-time coaching help of vitascale™. You'll surpass your previous performances over and over again!

Professional data analysis for your clients

vitascale™ helps you to evaluate important sport-type-specific data for your athletes and clients. This increases the added value of your personal coaching services.

Track performances. Show them off.
Surpass them.

vitascale™ is a lightweight, easy-to-use breath measurement device that determines
your personal fitness, fat burning, and metabolism at rest and during exercise.

Professional performance recording using
breath analysis

Thanks to the multisport functions of vitascale™, you can now track every single aspect of your indoor training. You can now record runs, cross-training, cardio workouts, and more – and you can do so really precisely by means of respiratory gas analysis. vitascale™ does not require a belt or mask.

Fast data analysis on your
smart phone or tablet

In just a few minutes, you get a clear statement on your own personal fitness level at the current point in time along with information on the correct intensity of training and rest and the optimum fat burning zone.

Increase your added value as a personal coach

vitascale™ helps you to record the sport-type-specific performance and personal metabolism of your athletes and clients. This allows you to avoid inefficient training sessions and to offer your customers clear added value in their personal coaching.

Our products


vitascale Headset- and Handheld system

No belt. No mask. No guesstimates. Thanks to respiratory gas diagnostics, you get precise information about your current training and health status in real time and on your smart phone or tablet.

Improve yourself in a smarter way
with vitascale

Reach your goals efficiently, safely, and sustainably.


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