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vitascale™ is the world’s first wearable system to accurately measure and optimize your performance,
energy consumption and nutrition based on your breath analysis.


  • I live a healthier life
  • I can loose weight and fat efficient
  • I can shape my body
  • I can increase my performance and fitness level



  • I increase my attractiveness for potential clients
  • I increase my revenues and customer loyality by attracting new customers and maintaining memberships
  • I increase individual success rate of my clients achieving their goals
  • I can offer a more indiviualized and personalized coaching


  • We increase the productivity and effectiveness of our employees
  • We reduce sick leave rate and frustration
  • We assist our employees to be Good-humored, acitve, satisfied, healthy
  • We increase our attractiveness for highly talented employees

Feedback and Testimonials

Thanks to the personal metabolic analysis offered by vitascale™, the scheduling of my clients' nutrition plans can be improved week by week. The app allows me to quickly see whether changes are required to a current training plan or nutrition plan.

Maria Mayer (Nutritionist)

Our company employs around 2000 employees in the IT sector. Thanks to vitascale™, we were able to motivate our employees to take part in more company sports as a result of health analyses. Employee absences fell drastically among our active employees. In addition, the well-being of our active employees improved, along with the internal working atmosphere.

Martin Andrecht (Personal Manager)

Many of our patients are over-motivated at the start of a course of therapy, which can often have negative effects on the recovery process. vitascale™ helps us to obtain a better view of whether a patient has already exceeded their average performance level.

Dr. med. Robert Mitsch (Physiotherapist)

The data advantages

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Reach your goals efficiently,
safely and sustainably


Comfortable, fast
precise and easy-to-use

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