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Maximize your performance and weight optimization. Find out your personal optimum training or weight loss zone. Monitor your fat consumption, resting metabolic rate, after-burning effects, and nutritional changes safely, precisely, and sustainably using the automatic respiratory gas analysis.

How the vitascale app works


Easy installation

Simply download the app from the app store to any smart phone, smart watch, or tablet. Start entering your personal key data and goals. Ensure you get coaching tailored to your needs by running the check-up program. vitascaleTM will then guide you safely, efficiently, and sustainably towards your goals, and will adjust your personalized coaching in line with changing objectives.

Diverse uses

Thanks to the multisport and weight optimization functions of vitascaleTM, you can track every single aspect of your indoor training and/or body shaping. You can now record your energy consumption, runs, cross-training, cardio workouts, and more, and you can use comprehensive summaries to evaluate your performance, weight optimization, and gradual improvement. You can also visualize your training/weight optimization progress alongside these objectives and compare them with benchmark groups.


Long-term motivation

Regardless of whether you want to improve your fitness level, reduce your weight, and/or build muscle mass, vitascaleTM knows how to motivate you and can help you to set goals, track progress, and compare yourself with appropriate groups. It tells you when you’ve reached intermediate goals and shows you a comprehensive, up-to-date summary. This allows you to hone your performance and physique optimally, efficiently, and sustainably.

Share your success

Share your success, performance, and diagnoses in social networks and see how positive feedback helps your friends to increase their motivation and enjoy their training even more. Go head-to-head with training partners and benefit form additional motivation thanks to competitiveness. All with a single click on your smart phone or tablet.

Subscribe to additional modules of the vitascaleTM app and close the data gaps with your smart watch, app, or nutritional programs. Make your training program even more efficient by including the headset solution to receive personal, up-to-date coaching. This will make it even easier for you to start your new life at your desired weight.

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