Why lose weight with vitascale?


Are you unable to lose weight even though you exercise, eat healthily, and use a heart rate monitor? With the patented vitascale™ breath diagnostics system, you get the information you need to sustainably optimize your training plan or nutrition - and therefore get the result you want - in just a few minutes.


Fast and accurate weight optimization and bodyshaping

vitascale™ helps you to determine your individual metabolism. Your kcal value is measured at rest, and your fat burning in resting and active state. The measurement by vitascale™ can also give you feedback on a change in diet – in this case the two values ​​are compared before and after the changeover.

The vitascale™ app’s intelligent algorithm will then give you information about your performance and develop your individual training schedule so that you can reach your goals such as: Achieve fat burning or muscle gain systematically, efficiently in a faster time. Because it is important to train at the right time and this is not fixed but varies from person to person. The vitascale™ app gives you a secure feeling and is your daily companion.

Professional and cost-effective for end customers

During exercise and rest, you’ll receive information about your energy consumption, maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), consumed calories, and percentage of burned fats versus carbs. The latest research shows that many people tend to constantly train in the mid-range endurance zone, which gives a good initial improvement in performance but tends to result in stagnation after a few months.
(Source: HIIT Training:

In addition, most people train in a zone where primarily carbs are burned. This means that sustainable weight optimization is not possible. The intelligent vitascaleTM algorithm guides you safely and sustainably towards your goals.


Up-to-date analyses before, during, and after training

Data recorded before, during, and after training allows you to see how you can increase your performance and/or successfully lose weight. Check your data with the various analysis functions. The vitascaleTM handheld variant also allows you to find out important, sustainable, and up-to-date data for optimizing your weight even without training. For ambitious athletes training at a professional level, this system is a training companion and supervisor rolled into one. The app acts both as your personal fitness coach as well as a custom, fast check-up tool. It enables the documentation of entire training cycles.

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