Reach your goals efficiently,
safely and sustainably


Maximize your training, ensure the right training intensity for each specific day, and monitor your calorie consumption, fat consumption, and performance improvement using the automatic respiratory gas and heart rate measurement system via the comfortable headset unit. Thanks to the continuous, really precise measurement of vitascaleTM, you’re always in the right zone when training.

How the vitascale headset
system works


Lightweight and easy to use

vitascale™ is an innovative, lightweight, easy to use, cost-effective measurement device that determines your current personal fitness, fat consumption, and metabolism at rest and during exercise. In just a few minutes, you get a clear statement on your personal fitness on a specific day, the correct training and rest intensity, and your optimum fat burning zone.

Diverse uses

Thanks to the multisport functions of vitascale™, you can now track every single aspect of your indoor training. You can now record runs, cross-training, cardio workouts, and more. You can use comprehensive training summaries to evaluate your performance and gradual improvement and you can visualize your training progress alongside your goals and in comparison with benchmark groups.


Long-term motivation

Whether you’re walking, running, cycling, or using fitness equipment, vitascaleTM knows how to motivate you for sport and helps you to set targets and monitor your progress. It tells you when you’ve reached intermediate goals and shows you a full summary after training. This means that you can beat your last training session or improve on your top performances.

Share your success

Share your success, performances, and diagnoses in social networks and see how positive feedback helps your friends to increase their motivation and enjoy their training even more. Go head-to-head with training partners and benefit form additional motivation thanks to competitiveness. All with a single click on your smart phone or tablet.

Subscribe to additional modules of the vitascaleTM app and close the data gaps with your smart watch, favored app, or nutritional programs. Make your training program even more efficient by activating the metabolism analysis function or submaximal test to receive personal, up-to-date coaching. This will make it even easier for you to start your new life at your desired weight.

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