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investor relations


During the current phase, we’re always interested in making contact with potential business angels or private equity companies.

Our business concept is really easily scalable and taps into excellent opportunities for above average growth. Please contact us for more information.

We’d be happy to welcome you as a pilot customer for our first zero series. Please use our contact form for this.

Benefits of investor relations


The world's first professional breath analysis device for end customers

The patented vitascaleTM system is the first mask-free analysis and coaching system in the world for personal weight optimization and performance improvement with a precision that was previously only possible using expensive and bulky technical medical devices. This cost-effective, convenient, and easy-to-use analysis device for personal fitness, fat burning, and resting metabolism has a high potential for further scaling.

Invest in the growing wearables market!

The resulting analysis data will enable data mining across a large number of people for the first time, allowing for the discovery of innovative interconnections in the field of health. Invest in our smart vitascaleTM system – and thus in the fast-growing wearables market (+25% p.a.)!


VitaScale has diverse uses

Our specific know-how in the analysis of respiratory gases in outside environments offers huge potentials for growth in further markets such as automotives (contact-free health check and alcohol testing) and medicine. Invest in a company with a disproportionately high potential for growth.

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Please use our contact form for further questions.

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