Performance improvement

Only if you know your own body
can you maximize your performance!


Have you been training for a long time and feel you have reached the limits for improving your performance? Increase the efficiency of your training through the app's coaching support and see how easily you can effectively increase your performance.


Easy and precise

With vitascaleTM, you can get to know your body in a way that was previously only possible using sports medicine, by means of a complex respiratory gas diagnosis costing several hundred euros a time. Now, you can simply wear this easy and pleasant headset system during your daily training to get immediate information about your metabolism during exercise. You can then let the vitascaleTM app analyze all of the available data.

Reach your next performance level

The latest research shows that many people tend to constantly train in the mid-range endurance zone, which gives a good initial improvement in performance but tends to result in stagnation after a few months.
(Source: HIIT Training:

vitascale™ helps you to find the correct training zone and will guide you towards your set goal quickly and efficiently on the basis of intelligent training control. Whilst you’re running or cycling, you receive information about your maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), consumed calories, and percentage of burned fat. The analyzed data helps you to increase your performance and/or successfully lose weight.


Train effectively all the time

For ambitious athletes training at a professional level, this system is a training companion and supervisor rolled into one. The app acts both as your personal fitness coach as well as a custom, fast check-up tool. It enables the documentation of entire training cycles. No more training without actually effectively increasing your performance!

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