Train Safely

Safely stay fit - despite
health restrictions


Do you have (aged-related) cardiovascular conditions and have to take betablockers or other medication that affects your blood pressure or heart function? Would you prefer to not have to give up on a healthy life with exercise, but find training just on the basis of your pulse rate too risky?


Individual stress analysis

With the vitascale™ headset, which is small, lightweight, and pleasant to wear, you receive immediate information about your circulation and metabolism. During training, a safe performance analysis is possible on the basis of your medication and individual metabolic parameters. vitascale™ takes into account all age-related restrictions and guides the user safely and sustainably towards their goal.

A physical stress level that's
right for you

Particularly in older people, there’s a risk of putting your body under too little or too much physical stress. This quickly results in an unsatisfactory performance increase or poor weight loss results. The percentage distribution and level of the physical stress endured are extremely personal, and pulse rates alone are insufficient to determine them.


Sustainable, efficient success

No more training without actually effectively losing weight and increasing your performance! vitascale™ helps you to find the correct training zone so that you can quickly, efficiently, and safely reach your set goal.

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