The Team

Founder Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Jerichow (CEO)

R&D, sales, marketing, and strategy

7 years as a technical manager in the automotive industry

12 years as a corporate consultant for engineering and production excellence with a sector focus on: Medicine, consumer goods, automotive, machines

Former competitive triathlete

Doctorate in Materials Technology at R&D Center in US and RWTH Aachen

Dipl.-Ing. Informatics Jürgen Sauerzapf (CTO)

Software/app development

15 years of experience as a software developer

Expert in health kit and mobile health development

Many years of international experience in hardware development for electronics components

Dipl.-Kaufm. Peter Hirsch (CFO)

Commercial management

Business studies graduate

13 years as a commercial manager at Grundig and Tutogen Medical

10 years as a corporate consultant with a focus on commercial management for groups and medium-sized enterprises

Team of scientific experts

Prof. Michael Pfeiffer

University of Regensburg

Lead Professor of Medicine at the University of Regensburg

Head of the Klinikum Donaustauf Hospital Pneumology Center

Prof. Billy Sperlich

University of Würzburg Department of Sports Medicine

Expert in performance diagnostics, training, and wearable technology

Prof. Dr. med. T. Loew

University of Regensburg

Head Professor of Psychosomatic Medicine at the University of Regensburg

Head of the Klinik Donaustauf Hospital Center for Pneumology, Psychosomatic Medicine, and Psychotherapy and

Chairman of the Association of Chief Physicians for Psychosomatic Medicine