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Increase your added value as a trainer / personal coach

You can offer your customers a sustainable, holistic exercise and nutritional strategy that is tailored to their personal goals, using a patented technology.

Diverse uses and features in a patented system, including:

Metabolic analysis, resting metabolic rate analysis, performance analysis, benchmarking, personal nutrition and training strategy, online coaching - even during training.

Professional data analysis for your clients

Fast, easy, cost-effective check-ups along with long-term coaching of the kind that is otherwise only possible in sports medicine - all without prior medical knowledge.

Clear added value for you at a glance

Additional source of income, individual customer support, lower time requirement without expert medical knowledge: < 10 min, unique selling point with positive image improvement, customer loyalty and acquisition of new customers.

VitaScale is diverse

Not only athletes trust our products.
Our breath measurement devices are already used in a wide variety of industries.

Fitness and Personal Coaching

vitascale™ helps you to record the sport-type-specific performances of your athletes and clients. This means that you can avoid inefficient training sessions and offer your customers clear added value in their personal coaching.

Diet and nutrition coaching

vitascale™ provides precise data on your personal metabolism in a way previously possible only in the high-performance sports medicine field – in just a few minutes.

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy

vitascale™ takes the health and age restrictions of your clients into account. This ensures safe performance analysis for people undergoing rehabilitation exercise and physiotherapy.

Workplace health promotion

Help your employees to lead a more motivated, healthier life. In particular, office work can do enormous harm to the health if exercise is not used as a preventative measure. Reduce sick-related absences and increase the well-being of your colleagues. Thanks to our performance analysis, you can make employees aware of their current state of health in time for them to do something about it.

What our B2B partners say

Thanks to the personal metabolic analysis offered by vitascale™, the scheduling of my clients' nutrition plans can be improved week by week. The app allows me to quickly see whether changes are required to a current training plan or nutrition plan.

Maria Mayer (Nutritionist)

Our company employs around 2000 employees in the IT sector. Thanks to vitascale™, we were able to motivate our employees to take part in more company sports as a result of health analyses. Employee absences fell drastically among our active employees. In addition, the well-being of our active employees improved, along with the internal working atmosphere.

Martin Andrecht (Personal Manager)

Many of our patients are over-motivated at the start of a course of therapy, which can often have negative effects on the recovery process. vitascale™ helps us to obtain a better view of whether a patient has already exceeded their average performance level.

Dr. med. Robert Mitsch (Physiotherapist)

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